Apparently one of the main things to do when building a company like this is to engage your audience.

Lately, with the passing of my father and other life stresses, I haven’t felt very engaging. I’ve felt more shut off and shut away. Certainly being dynamic was not on my list of goals or on my agenda.

Then I had a strange thought. Maybe I do need to be that way. Maybe engaging and talking and telling stories and announcing things is exactly what I need to break this darkness.

So starting today I am going to set a weekly goal of updating the Zenith Comics page with a blog entry every week. Nothing stops me from doing more than that, but minimum I will begin doing an update once a week.

The second thing I am going to do is tie all of my medias together under one banner. Celtic Viking Radio, Zenith Comics, Your Best Geek Buddy, the Four Colour Café, and the Grumpy Old Gamer “franchises” are going to come together under one glorious flag.

What colour it will be or name that flag will bear remains to be seen, though I am partial to my old banner of Earth Alpha Studio. It allows me to do so very much with little subdivisions.

Well that’s my big UPDATE for today, see you next week with another, if not before.

Andrew Collas – Editor-In-Chief
Be Heroic!