I am Andrew Collas, the writer/creator of the Zenith Universe and I would like to take a brief moment of your time to explain why I am doing this.

A mission statement, not to put too much Jerry McGuire on it.

With Zenith Comics I am dedicated to returning comics from the dark and depressing “grim-gritty” style of modern times to a more traditional heroic style, last seen in the “Bronze Age” (1975 – 1985ish).

While I realize that those days were the start of the more “realistic” heroes, they did so without the endless deconstruction of the later “Iron Age” or insane violence and sexism of the “Extreme” comics period.

Heroes can be realistic and still heroic.

The second, and perhaps really should be the first, goal I have with Zenith Comics is to make heroes that represent the world I see around me everyday.  I flat out reject the lantern-jawed-white-male-hetero-normative world of mainstream superhero comics.  The world is made of more than that and so to is the Zenith Universe.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, genders, orientations, etc…  To suggest that they are all “bikini-bimbos” or “jacked-up-muscle-heads” is to play into a negative stereotype that alienates, rather than includes.

That isn’t to say I won’t have some of them in the Zenith Universe, it is just that they won’t be the “norm”.

I promise you this, I will try my hardest to represent the human race as I see it (and maybe some aliens too) without preaching (too much) or playing to “tokenism” or “stereotypes”, as much as possible.

I am only human after all and I am bound to make some mistakes but I like to believe my heart is in the right place.

Andrew Collas – Be heroic!