“(Zenith Comics) have created a setting rife with intrigue, mystery, and action. A gritty deconstruction of a mythical hero propels this origin story into uncharted territory.” – James Dawsey, Vigilance Press. http://www.vigilancepress.com/

“What an exciting start! Zenith Comics knocks the first issue of Heroic out of the park! If you like superheroes, then Heroic is the comic for you!” – DT Butchino, Sketchpad Studio  https://www.facebook.com/SketchpadStudioArt?fref=ts

“After reading the script, I have no doubt that HEROIC will build a very strong readership.”- Ray-Anthony Height, Write Height Media (Publisher of MidnightTiger) http://www.writeheightmedia.com/#!home/mainPage

“If you’ve been craving superhero action but finding yourself dissatisfied with the re-boots, mega-crossover events, standard-issue “edginess” and faux realism you find at your local comic shop, Andrew Collas and Zenith Comics have come to your rescue. HEROIC is a superhero series with high doses of endorphins and adrenaline. The pace is quick, and there are surprises around every corner but you will feel right at home. HEROIC is what you have been looking for. ” – Jack Herman, Writer –   The Elementals, Psycho Killers, Robotech: The New Generation and co-Creator Villains & Vigilantes. – http://monkeyhousegames.com/

“I’m a huge fan of ‘classic-style’ heroes & writing and ‘Heroic’ delivers exactly what I would want in a comic! This captures the essence of what I want to do with my WatchGuard properties, so I’m an instant fan. Alex’s pencils echo legends like Ron Marz and Al Milgrom and are such a pleasure to look at, which only adds to the overall feel. This is a well-assembled cast of creators, and this guy right here is looking forward to more! (I may be asking them for a job one day…!)” – Charlie McElvy – Writer – Watchguard and Teen Force 5 – https://www.facebook.com/XionStudios

“”An intriguing mix of action, conspiracy and powerful heroes. I can’t wait to read what’s next!” – Jen Page, Genre Actor –https://www.facebook.com/thejenpage?ref=ts&fref=ts